Its Time to Open Gateways and Portals to your Multi-Dimensionality

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Time Travel Map


Ignite Memories and Time travel by mapping out your quantum and multi-dimensional aspects using the coded map and activated looking glass.

Looking Glass


Made of bone and brass this magnified looking glass has been activated as a holographic portal and gateway to inner-earth and cosmic realms.
The Elemental Kingdom lives in the IN BETWEEN world where they can shapeshift and time travel. They are coming forward at this time to help us do the same as they really want us to reunite with them as well as help us discover who we truly are.
The map is infused with images that can come to life and guide you into other worlds and dimensions. Combined with the activated looking glass, the two together will help elevate the experience in opening portals and gateways to self-exploration.
“Here Be Dragons” Once mapmakers would often place illustrations of dragons and other mythical creatures to mark unexplored territories. This phrase was the inspiration in creating a tangible way to connect with the elementals.
The Volcano
Dragons and volcanoes have a special relationship together as they both create forms of fire. The fire of the dragon offers transmutation while the volcano offers the fiery cave of creation. You will find a sacred key and code activator inside the volcano.
  • Time Travel
  • Shapeshift
  • Open Portals
  • Image Animation

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to your map exploration.


Explore the unchartered territory of your soul


Experience other worlds and dimensions


Access your multi-dimensionality