Hookani Water™


Water molecules are crystalline and can be programmed. The more crystal shaped the molecule, the more pure. We have used sound frequency to restructure, restore, and activate the water.

Using sound frequency technology, the water is vibrated to the new matrix code overriding the old of 666. This new sacred number restructures your cells to self heal and crystalize as well as activating and repairing your DNA.

  • Activates & repairs DNA
  • Restructures and restores cells from inorganic to organic.
  • Emits signals to your Mitochondria to become more crystalline.
  • Your body becomes more plasmic in structure

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to the activated water.


  • Seashell
  • Tea light candle
  • Written Ritual to recite before using Hookani Water.