Crystalline Faerie Dust And Bubbles Combo


Rekindle your connection with nature spirits using our enchanted bundle: a 925 sterling silver wand and crystalline dust, both crafted to heal, activate, and seed through cosmic alchemy, inspired by the faeries to aid in restoring the crystalline grid.

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THE Wand is the KEY element to the bubbles as it acts as the amulet to the silver metal, the crystalline dust, the sun, the moon and your breath or prana.
The alchemy of combining EARTH, AIR, FIRE AND WATER creates the divine magic.


Crystalline Dust is crushed up crystals which have been alchemized into a fine powder.
This powerful dust has been added to the bubble solution and programmed with various 
healing, seeding and activating modalities.


The bubbles are created by rainbow consciousness and are made up of cosmic plasma.
The faerie children inspired the bubbles as they are so diverse as they can float among the trees, mountain tops or play with the dolphins. The options are endless and most of all fun!
Bubbles also bring such a high energy of joy and laughter which matches the frequency of Source.

• Restores your relationship with the faeries, mermaids, the elementals and Mother Gaia.

• Ignites Sovereignty for yourself and the planet

• Activates the elemental vibrancy of the water

• Magnetizes and calls forth the healing energies of the ocean

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to the manifestation. We have included a written ritual which has been downloaded by a Celestial Collective.