DNA Dragon Tattoo



These custom channeled tattoos alchemize languages of light codes that imprint through your skin and restore the blueprint of your DNA.

What is light language?

Languages of light are translations of information in a very compact way. They are quantum and multidimensional which allows the intelligence to come through ancient timelines where healing energies and sounds can come through and advance us forward.

Why do I want to change my DNA?

There has been a hijacking of the human DNA to a very great degree. It is eroding a soul’s ability to rise above karma. This karma is not about suffering per se, it’s about the wheel of history that runs through the spiral of time and into our DNA, that if we do not rise above will continue to replay. Our DNA has been limited due to restrictions of our ability to connect with inner earth. It has skewed the micro-biotic counts and how hormones interact. All of these things need to be re-installed into our DNA.

About the Dragon

The dragon offers protection from outside influence. As soon as your personal tattoo or sacred geometric code is translated, this dragon energy cannot be manipulated or changed in any way. The dragons were also hijacked in civilizations past, and it was their specific energy or flame of transmutation that was utilized through a tattoo to change the human DNA.

What do the words mean around the dragon circle?

EL– Represents the element of the Earth.
KA – Represents the element of Fire.
LEEM – Represents the element of Water.
OM – Represents the element of Air and Space.
I AM PERFECTION is followed with a MerKaBa symbol at the end of the dragon’s tail to help transport the codes to the DNA blueprint.

These are the four sacred elements which denotes a primordial force that extends through “the underworld of matter.” YOU are made of these elements, and this is a place where consciousness continually re-creates matter.

• Allows your DNA to bring your multidimensionality to earth.

• Unwinds generational patterns that no longer serve you.

• Eliminates patterns of disease that run concurrent through all humans.

• Helps you to remember who you really are.

• Helps your transition to Ascension.

• Access what exists within your DNA such as your gifts and abilities.

• Clears the way for any disturbance or distortion that has been placed there.

• Helps the soul move or catapult from one timeline to another.

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and
permanence to the changes in your DNA blueprint.

All Tattoos include dragon’s blood incense and dragon candle holder along with the written ritual which has been downloaded by a dragon Collective.

“The frequency of Love is pressed within each symbol. As you lay it upon your skin, Love echoes within your field. With the drops of blessed water it ignites the Christos frequency to transmute all that is less than love. Remember you are Love and combined with the tattoo you become anew.”
~Angelic Deva Spirits