C.L.E.O. Eyeliner Set

Conscious Light Eye Opener

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Activate your third eye with Cleopatra’s ancient alchemized eyeliner made from sacred ceremonial ash, oils, flowers, and gold. Paired with an 18K gold-plated lotus wand, this duo magnetizes and transfers energy from your eyes to your pineal gland in helping dissolve blockages to your third eye and crown chakra.

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C.L.E.O, or Conscious Light Eye Opener was inspired by Cleopatra who tells us that she used sacred ash eyeliner not for vanity, but to bring out the elegance of nature coming through the eyes and honoring mother earth. This powerful vibration is the vehicle in connecting to the third eye, creating a bridge between the physical body and the cosmic energy for telepathic communication between the two realms.


The 18k golden wand is shaped as a lotus which represents your crown chakra. You will also find a mini sapphire in the center of the wand. The ancients were able to connect to the divine by way of sapphires. The sapphire represents the unification with your higher self and the original code of divine will. This alchemizes the wand in magnetizing the electron sparks for awakening.


The eyeliner is an alchemical blending of elemental gold, essential oils, flower essences, beeswax and sound. These sacred ingredients are burned during a ceremonial ritual lasting up to six hours. Fire burns the elements back to their original purified state making ash one of the most pure substances in connecting to the cosmos.

• Activates Your Pineal Gland

• Awakens Psychic Abilities

• Transmits or Transfers Energy

Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to the manifestation.

Ritual Amulets Included:

• Three Gold Egyptian Coins

• Frankincense Essential Oil + Bottle

• Serpent Candle

• Blue Lotus Loose Leaf Tea

Additional Items Included:

• CLEO Make Up Bag

• Mini-reading from the World of Enchantment

Personal Mini-Reading

You will receive an e-mailed mini-message from the world of enchantment in guiding you along your awakening path.

(Valued $33)