Mermaid Mirror and Comb Bundle


Elevate your spiritual journey with our Mermaid Comb and Magic Mirror set, designed to amplify higher consciousness and act as portals to the soul. Infused with 24kt gold, squid ink, and adorned with pearls for unmatched energetic magnification.

Mermaid Comb


Mermaid Mirror


The Comb

The comb serves as an amulet or tool in activating the vibrational antenna of your hair cells. Combing your hair increases the level of connection to your Soul or Higher Self. Stimulating your scalp or crown chakra amplifies the electromagnetic waves created by your hair.
All Mermaids are depicted by their long locks of hair.  Just like the Native Americans of today, they comb the hair of each other as a beautiful way to bond and a powerful way to reinforce the sacredness of relationships. 

About The Squid Ink

Each tooth of the comb as well as the mermaid carving have been hand-painted with a mixture of squid ink and gold to further enhance the electrical connectivity.
Squid Ink consists of a chemical compound called tetrodotoxin which is a potent neurotoxin. This provides protection from its prey and, therefore, offers protection for you as well when navigating the higher realms. 
This neurotoxin has been activated to enhance the neurotransmitters in your hair for maximum viewing connection when using the mirror.
Squid Ink also contains cadmium, lead, and copper offering additional conductivity. This is why the octopus has blue blood due to high levels of copper.

Magic Mirror Defined

Gold is the fire of life and silver is the water of life.  The painted 24kt. gold and the silver mirrored reflection creates the bridge between realms. The aim is to ignite the fire ( your inner heart flame) to the emotional waters of your body by diving deep into the heart of your soul.
This releases emotional blockages or clears the “muddy” waters so that your purified body is transparent enough for you to see and understand your true self.

Enhanced with Pearls

The pearls offer you the wisdom to understand. They  represent your Pearl-Essence or True Self.  Every Soul Spark is a pearl in their wholeness.  There are pearl codes in your light body. The Mermaids  are here to help you remember your Divinity as well as activating these codes to reveal your unique gifts and talents.

Fun Fact:

  • Deep Dive Into Your Heart And Soul To Release Blockages
  • Discover What Your Soul Most Wants You To Know
  • Creates An Intimate Relationship with Your Soul-Self
  • Keeps You In Alignment With Your Purpose
You will receive an audio guided meditation.
Rituals add power and amplification to the implied intention. Since you are a co-creator to this experience your personal power creates a greater impact and permanence to connecting to your Soul.

This ritual includes the four elements and the candle represents FIRE.

The candle is hand-made by Zaneta Ra who is an Oracle of the 144 and
 Master of the Pearl Codes.  She has activated, infused and blessed these candles to further enhance your experience.

Mermaid Comb


This Mermaid Comb acts as a conductor to the vibrational antenna of your hair cells amplifying higher consciousness wisdom. Infused with 24kt. gold and squid ink for energetic magnification.