About Victoria Triana

Passionate about bringing the energy of fun and play into everything she does, Victoria has spent most of her life creating spaces, places and things that embrace this energy.

As a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” Victoria has created a variety of fun products such as an illustrated cartoon map of the Hawaiian Islands which was a favorite among clients. She even developed a program called “Fun n’ Food”, which was used and distributed by corporations such as Marriott and Expedia. However, since her spiritual awakening in 2016, all inspirations are now geared toward helping others with their spiritual growth and conscious awakening.

In March of 2020, Victoria started channeling light language expressed as artistic renderings that are simple and fun.  The  Elemental (El-E-Mental) children influence the codes with their playful innocence as they are the creators of form and ambassadors of connection (realm bridgers) and play. 

This spirited channeling has evolved into conscious product development of “divination tools” where all tools (amulets) are inspired to bring out the inner child and expand higher mind consciousness in a fun and meaningful way.

These divination tools are quantum and multidimensional creating portals and light language codes that are embedded with certain frequencies of wisdom for individual manifestation potential.

All divination tools are created from the ELEMENTS of the earth who are MASTER  BEINGS with higher mind Consciousness. This is no different than connecting to the Ascended Masters or any other Holy Being. Inner earth is just as powerful. The crystals, rocks and precious metals have so much wisdom and support to offer!

Victoria’s soul mission as a divination tool channeler is to help others activate, balance, heal and transform so that each soul can remember how valued its unique contribution is and to find that contribution as it has been lost over time.

Let The Magic Begin!

Meet The Master Beings Below!

Lord Neptune4

Master Lord Neptune

God of Water


Consciousness of Money

Money Guide


Flame of Freedom Guide

Master Dragon Being


Body Elemental



Master Magician



Master Faerie Godmother


Vogel Crystal Consciousness
Arcturian Guide

Vogel Crystal Consciousness

Arcturian Guide


Master Aquatic Being



Master Peter Of Pan

King of the Continent Pan


Crystal Skull Consciousness

Pleadian Guide


Selenite Crystal Consciousness

Deva Guide


Master Unicorn Being


Mermaid4 (2)

Mermaid Master Being


image (5)

Crystal Skull Consciousness

Deva Being


Higher Self

Soul Portrait

MASTERSinCOLOR-Sketch14017212-Triana-Recovered2-Merged FINAL

Master Guide Leona

From Planet R-Leonus

The Devas are builders of form and are of such magnitude that they can cover an entire locality with their personal presence. They render service inconceivable, and they could explain away the mysteries of the building of the Pyramids and the colossal physical edifices of the past that make modern science wonder. Even the building of a mountain is but the work of a moment to the Nature Devas; the manifestation of a lake but a ten-second sport of one of the Devas of Neptune’s Kingdom. 
These great Devas are real and tangible. They have life, form and substance. They have intelligence far superior to the most advanced of men. Their service is a service of Love to the Gods around whose throne they abide.

Excerpt from The Gnosis And The Law

No Matter our Beliefs and Religion, our Faith is Tied to the Same God.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the substance of things hoped for is the great spiritual energy out of which all things are composed, all things which do or can exist in the thoughts of man or in either the tangible realm of earth or the intangible realms of spirit.
With this knowledge it is now possible to comprehend that faith is an ELEMENT. It is the greatest of all elements for it is the mother of all others.  It is as definite as radium, or air, or water.  It is truly the mother substance of elements out of which all existing things are composed.  To mortal eyes it is hydrogen or oxygen or many of the other elements that have been discovered in recent years. But when this greatest of all elements is combined in the right proportions it becomes definitely tangible to the physical senses as H2O combined as water.
This greatest of all elements, this substance of Spiritual material of everlasting creation, boundless energy, Almighty power can become tangible in newly created forms

– Annalee Skarin, Author, YE ARE GODS.